Body Wraps

A body wrap is a delightful spa experience that envelops you with a coating of clay, mud, or seaweed. It begins with a dry brushing of the body to lightly exfoliate and increase circulation, preparing the skin for the product. Once applied you will be wrapped in a self-heating blanket to warm you and allow the properties of the mud, clay, or seaweed to take effect. At this time a head and scalp massage is performed. Your service culminates with a 25- minute massage that will relax your body and hydrate your skin. Body Wraps Only Available Monday – Thursday

Water’s Edge Signature Seaweed

$175 – 80 minutes

Marine components firm, smooth, and re-mineralize the skin.

Black Baltic Mud

$175 – 80 minutes

The mud is combined with Rosemary and Juniper essential oils to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification.

Rose Clay

$175 – 80 minutes

Aromatic and hydrating, this wrap is also suitable for sensitive skin.

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